Voxelgon is a game where you can design, build, fly, and fight spacecraft in a completely randomly generated universe! Using materials you and your crew have mined and salvaged, construct your ship and fight your way across the Galaxy, or become a humble trader moving goods around. You have to manage your crew and their needs, since the ship wont function without them. Do you go with needy, but robust and inteligent human workers? or simple and reliable robotic drones?

Materials need to be gathered to build and repair your own custom ship, or play in sandbox mode and design whatever you want. You are challenged with handling both the large-scale management of your ship and fleet, alongside the small scale management of your crew.

The game takes inspiration from other space sims like Elite or EVE online, and strategy games like FTL and Dwarf Fortress. The game is being developed in the Unity3D game engine for Mac, Windows, and Linux, with possible ports to other platforms in the distant future.